Stompem Ground Festival 2022

Stompem Ground
[/stompem graond/]

The act of stomping the earth that is carried out as a focal traditional and spiritual Aboriginal dance movement. A term applied to ones general home area, or a place where one feels especially secure or safe.

The 2022 Stompem Ground Festival signaled the 21st Anniversary of the forming of KSGAC and commemorating this was the key focus for the Stompem Ground event. Kimberley Stolen Generation viewed this event as an opportunity to both celebrate the achievements of the organisation and lead the way nationally in an affirming showcase of healing and reconciliation.

The Kimberley Stolen Generation look forward to presenting the opportunity for the Kimberley community to have the Stompem Ground Festival as an annual event.

The music concert includes activities that engage the whole  family together and at the same time, celebrate and showcase strong Aboriginal family values. Having Kimberley  Stolen Generation host the event sends a strong message of reconciliation as well the opportunity to see nationally acclaimed artists engage with the Aboriginal people of the Kimberley and perform on the main stage alongside the best Aboriginal artists.

The highlight of the concert is the main stage performance of a unique blend of contemporary music and culmination of Aboriginal performers, nationally acclaimed artists and traditional dancers, the Aboriginal dance groups from across the Kimberley coming together to celebrate, commemorate and heal. This is an experience, not just an event. It brings to life the vibration and energy created between the feet and the earth on the dance ground.

This unique and dynamic event from the north west of Australia emanates from this intangible spirit and feeling of the Kimberley.

After 22 years, Australia’s far north west once again come alive to the sights and sounds of a captivating celebration of the spirit of Aboriginal people of the Kimberley region set to the theme of “the time has come to say fair’s fair” at the 2022 Stompem Ground Festival.

“Stompem Ground celebrates our community as a whole.”

– Inspirational force, Festival Director, Kija man, and Kimberley Stolen Generations Founder and Chair, Dr Mark Bin Bakar.

The festival inclusivity encompasses the diverse aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people and cultures. The 2022 lineup was chosen for its uniqueness and dedication to making greater change. Artists like Midnight Oil have always been strong advocates for accountability and providing a voice for change. The band has more than given us support over the years and is loyal to the movement.

It is now time for Australia to step up and create positive change for our nation. From compensation to the Stolen Generations to the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and the call for transparent and inclusive aspects of indigenous people of Australia to be part of mainstream Australia. Reconciliation must go all the way to make a difference. The time has come.