2022 Ministers Welcome

Welcome message from Hon Roger Cook MLA, Deputy Premier; Minister for Tourism and Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC, Minister for Regional Development

Stompem Ground
17 September 2022

The State Government is a proud sponsor of Stompem Ground through its Regional Events Scheme.

RES was established to support smaller and emerging events in regional Western Australia to boost tourism, increase community vibrancy and participation, and develop regional areas.

The scheme also plays an important role in positioning Western Australia as an exciting destination to visit and a great place to live by showcasing and promoting the host region’s unique and diverse attractions.

Sixty-eight regional events across WA have been funded through the 2022-23 Regional Events Scheme, which includes the Regional Aboriginal Events Scheme, which contains a funding pool of $150,000 exclusively allocated to events delivering Aboriginal activities and experiences.

We are pleased to sponsor all RES events, which help to revitalise regional economies and communities as we reconnect and welcome back visitors from around the world.

Tourism is a key part of the State Government’s plan to energise the economy, create jobs and develop business opportunities, especially in regional Western Australia. 

Events also play an important role in this plan, with the State Government sponsoring a range of sporting, cultural, arts and culinary events across Western Australia, through Tourism Western Australia, to attract visitors and encourage them to stay longer, disperse further and do more while they are here. 

We hope everyone enjoys this event and takes the time to explore the Kimberley region.

Minister Cook Headshot
Minister Roger Cook Signature

Hon Roger Cook MLA
Deputy Premier; Minister for Tourism

Minister MacTiernan Portrait
Minister Alannah MacTiernan Signature

Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC
Minister for Regional Development

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Stompem Ground is supported by the State Government through Tourism Western Australia and Royalties for Regions.

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